A Reenactors Guide to Shooting the Rifle Musket by John Rountree Topics include reenacting, maintenance, shooting, equipment, cartridge making, bullet casting, and shooting .69 cal Musket and Rifle Musket

Third Edition
A Reenactors Guide to Shooting the Rifled Musket

The first edition of "A Reenactors Guide to Shooting the Rifled Musket" appeared fifteen years ago. The Second Edition has also been out of print for quite some time. John still gets requests for the publication, which has prompted him to edit, enhance, and reprint the book for a third edition.

His knowledge of more than 50 years shooting experience and research
has been poured into this edition.

About the Author

6" x 9" Pamphlet
28 Pages
$5.00 + .95 S/H


An example of what proper maintenance and technique can achieve.

A Reenactors Guide to Shooting the Rifled Musket
is more than a shooting guide. This fully illustrated book also contains a thumbnail history of the rifle musket, how to roll and package paper cartridges, how to care for your musket, and lots of safety and shooting tips.

In preparing A Reenactors Guide to Shooting the Rifled Musket John tested 12 reproduction muskets with bullets from 28 different moulds. With his engineering background, John systematically recorded the results and has passed these results on in A Reenactors Guide to Shooting the Rifled Musket

This new, expanded edition includes a total of twenty-eight pages full of tips on shooting both the rifled and smoothbore musket and is fully illustrated with drawings and charts.

Contents include sections on:
  • History of the Rifle Musket
  • How to Make Paper Cartridges
  • Loading and Firing Commands
  • Making your Musket Shoot
  • Setting the Sights
  • Bullet Molds
  • Safety
  • Shooting Tips
  • Cleaning and Tools
  • Pumpkin-Slingers - Shooting .69 Caliber
    Smoothbore and Rifled Muskets
If you are new to reenacting, or just need more information on the care of your Civil War gear, this reference will be a great help.

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